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757 Creative Reuse Center (Norfolk VA)

The 757 Creative Reuse Center (or 757CRC for short) is a second hand craft store located at 1904 Granby St. Norfolk, VA 23517. They offer new and used arts and craft supplies at a discount in an effort to combat … Continue reading 757 Creative Reuse Center (Norfolk VA)


6 Plants to Keep Bugs Out of Your Space

I went to Carter’s Country Corner in Chesapeake, VA a local nursery and landscape center and spoke with one of their expert gardeners. With their help I have compiled 6 different plants that you can strategically place in your garden or on your patio to reduce insects naturally.  Especially those pesky mosquitos! I love sitting out on my back patio.  For whatever reason though, mosquitos just love me!  The flies are really a nuisance too.  It makes it a lot less enjoyable to hang out outdoors.  I don’t want to need a shower as soon as I walk inside from … Continue reading 6 Plants to Keep Bugs Out of Your Space