Hickory Salvage Co. Featured Local Business

Hickory Salvage Co. is to the best of my knowledge one of the only architectural salvage companies in the Hampton Roads area. They offer an array of reclaimed items including but not limited to: reclaimed wood pieces (including barn wood), doors, windows, shutters, fixtures, spindles, trim and furnishings. 


I found out about them via social media and I couldn’t wait to have an excuse to visit the shop.  They are more than just a salvage company.  They also are home to local vendors whose art is on display for sale.  Being someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit, I find myself drawn to other entrepreneurs and want to spend as much of my expendable cash on supporting people in the community in their pursuits for happiness.  I feel like this company reflects that same vision. 


 Shane and I went to find supplies to build an organizational and space utilizing shelf DIY project which I will add the link to once we’re finished.  We found some great reclaimed wood as well as some unique wall hangers which were perfect for our project.  We truly couldn’t have found the same thing anywhere else! 


We had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners, Tom Lyon’s while we were at the store.  We got the short version of how Hickory Salvage came to be, ultimately Tom and his wife Becky chose to follow their passions.  They didn’t plan out THIS particular passion, but fell upon it and when the opportunity presented itself, they answered the call.  You can read the whole (very interesting) story here, at The Virginia Pilot. 


The building itself looks small, however there are about 3000 square feet of halls and rooms to explore filled with all sorts of trinkets and treasures.  Not just antiques and salvage, but also locally crafted soaps, jewelry, and honey from a local topiary (Rocky Top Apiary).  Becky also has a very nice, very large embroidery station in the back that she runs her embroidery business out of: Hickory Embroidery.  She makes quality, custom printed clothing apparel, bags and caps which you can find here. 


I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they hold classes for the community so that people can come in and learn to DIY their own custom art pieces and/or furniture.  They have an ample selection of Dixie Belle Paint available for sale.  Which is one of the really nice, higher end paints for furnishings.  They offer their workshop as well as their expertise. You can find their next event via their facebook page here. 


Hickory Salvage itself was opened in September, 2018. Although Hickory Embroidery started out of the Lyon’s home in 2016.  They are doing a great job of getting their name out there. They offer such a unique product to the community.  Our goal is just to further their reach and support them in this venture.  We hope you will too!   

We can’t wait to show you what we make from the salvage we bought from them…Stay tuned! 



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