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Hap-N-Stance Hut, which is located at 3511 E Ocean View Ave in Norfolk is cleverly named for both its appearance and its history.  A small but eye-catching sky-blue building, my husband Shane and I stumbled upon it while in the area one day.  One could claim, by happenstance.   


 They are a new and well stocked gift shop offering local artisan made goods and unique consignment finds.  When you walk in, each intricately made item vies to capture your attention.  There are handmade soaps, lotions, jewelry, trinkets and treasures everywhere.  There are clothing and housewares too and every item has a story. 


Everything here is one-of-a-kind so if you leave something behind it may likely be gone when you come back.  Their prices are competitive too.  Shane and I love to peruse little shops like this, and were very pleased to see that there was truly something to fit every budget as well as every taste. 


We really took the time to get to know a couple of the owners and find out what this quaint little shop was all about.  Come to find out it was a small miracle seeing the Hut come to fruition.  However, with hard work, determination and a little bit of luck and some help from family and friends who believed in their dreams it is a reality for them and all of the people whose lives they’re able to touch through their efforts. 


Andrea Wertenbach states, “we really find joy in giving new artist a place to start.  People who have maybe never displayed their art, come to us and we teach them how to set it up, how to show it and we give them a place to showcase it.”   


They have a young artists corner for kids to display their pieces as well. A spot where little ones are made to feel big and learn about business and art in an age appropriate way.   


The ladies have also held small events where people can come and make their own work of art to take with them and they plan to host more.  All craft supplies are made available by the Hap-N-Stance Hut.  They can accommodate roughly 8-10 individuals at a time. This makes for a close-knit evening of relaxing and bonding over DIY with friends.  Refreshments are provided.  Groups are welcome to supply their own cocktails as well.  For more information or to setup your own group event, call: 757-353-2084. 


Hap-N-Stance Hut just celebrated their 1-year anniversary on May 5th 2019!  We would love to see the community show them some love.  Stop in and see what their shop can offer.  The ladies are incredibly kind and welcoming.  If you’ll let them, they’ll make you feel like you’ve been friends forever.  You can read more about them (Kimberly Wallace, Carolyn Wallace, Alena Wood and Andrea Wertenbach) at: 
You can find them on Facebook at :
Please support this local business in the 757 by visiting them in person and on their Facebook page to like and follow for further news and updates.



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